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More than 70 percent of moms are unsatisfied with their bodies, even nine months after giving birth. There are many reasons for not feeling good after having a baby. Postpartum depression, a sense of being overwhelmed and lack of sleep are just a few reasons you may not be feeling your best.

While there are a lucky few who quickly take off all their pregnancy weight, they don’t always regain their same body composition. No matter how fit you are throughout your pregnancy, you’ll need special “training” for your new role as a mother. Pregnancy and childbirth significantly challenge your body, but fortunately these challenges are all manageable by following a basic at home exercise routine. After recovering from childbirth and getting a hang on the sleep deprivation and challenges of caring for a new-born, you might feel compelled to try to get right back into your pre-baby workout routine.

At MothersFitness.com, we understand that pregnancy and postpartum are the two phases in a woman’s lifetime that cause major changes to the entire body and the mental health. MothersFitness.com was founded by two mothers with the belief that we as mothers do not have to compromise our physical fitness for our kids, family and work. MothersFitness.com is committed to providing Fitness Essentials to make you a fit mom, unique and innovative Sleep & Beauty products to bring your charm back and offering highest quality Support & Recovery products to support an active lifestyle for years to come.

“Take Care Of Your Body, It’s The Only Place You Have To Live In” – JIM ROHN

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